TRANSLATION AGENCY Zespół Tłumaczy K. LITWIN, J. CZERNIA S.C. offers translation services for almost all languages of the world.

Online translation service conceptEnglish is a native language of more than 328 million people around the world. Additionally, between 1.2 and 1.6 billion people use it as a second language. It is commonly used in the United Kingdom and its dependencies as well as in many former British colonies and dominions such as the United States, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. English is among the official languages of the United Nations, and from the 20th century it has been the language most frequently used in international relations. It is sometimes referred to as the first universal language ever available to humanity. That is why we are specialized in translation from English to other languages (Polish, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian).

English has gained a status of an international language. This is reflected in the number of pages translated by us which reaches several dozen thousand per year. We employ a team of professional and experienced translators, including sworn translators, certified linguists and members of both Polish and international organizations to respond to the increasing number of English translation assignments.

TRANSLATION AGENCY Zespół Tłumaczy K. LITWIN, J. CZERNIA S.C. cooperates with experienced specialists such as Polish and English engineers, chemists, technicians, economists, doctors and lawyer ensuring that all texts are verified by specialists in the relevant areas. At the same time, communication with us and placing of orders may be conducted in either Polish or English, and in this way we ensure first class client service covering your language. Our company operates on the basis of modern and high standards of client service. The prices we offer are competitive within the European language services market, and that is why our services are very popular among clients from abroad. With our individual approach, prompt completion of orders and reliable service quality we are able to meet the highest requirements of our English-speaking clients.


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