LanguagePoland’s membership of the European Union makes our country more appealing to foreigners, especially from English-speaking countries, but also people from countries outside the European Union coming to Poland to study or work.

Poland has signed a set of contracts concerning co-operation in the areas of education and culture As a result, in Poland the number of English-speaking students from abroad and people who come to Poland to work, is increasing.

When Poland joined the European Union, millions of Polish people moved to English-speaking countries for work purposes. There many of them started mixed families and chose to return to Poland to settle down.

If you have also chosen Poland as the country to settle in, you have come to the right place! We will provide you with the best service in terms of translation in language pairs such as English-Polish, English-German, English-French, English-Russian, and English-Ukrainian.

Our translators are experts in dealing with government offices in Poland, with a special focus on language and cultural barriers. Our translators are familiarized with the procedure of settlement of foreigners in Poland and they are very knowledgeable about life in Poland.

Our translations are carried out impartially, diligently, scrupulously, and faithfully treating the original text according to the principles of translation and the formal requirements of the Ministry of Justice.

The priority of our company is to follow the rules concerning professional ethics including the obligation to observe confidentiality with regard to all information obtained from clients. This means that we are able to guarantee discretion.

The policy of our company is based on honesty and a high level of customer service as a result of which we have many satisfied customers including native speakers of English permanently living in Poland.

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