We are a team of experienced language teachers – NATIVE SPEAKERS OF THE POLISH LANGUAGE.


We have been involved in teaching Polish as a foreign language since 2008. We offer online Polish courses via Skype, conducted by the highly qualified teachers – native Polish speakers.


Our team consists of teachers who are native speakers of the Polish language, specialized in working with Ukrainian-, Russian- and English-speaking foreigners. Our years of experience in teaching Polish and other languages is the reason why we have gained the trust of so many customers and companies.


At the customer’s request, mainly in the case of learning the basics of Polish, lessons may be conducted by a person who is not a native speaker of your language.


After completing a course, we issue a Polish Certificate of completion of a Polish language course at a given level using a national template.


In our head office, we have a separate room which is adapted for the purposes of giving individual lessons via Skype. We are located in the centre of Rzeszów, ul. Grunwaldzka 26/4a (Poland). If you are interested in face-to-face lessons, it is possible to have them in our office (in case you are not interested in learning via Skype). We issue invoices.


Why should I learn Polish online?

  • Native Speakers of Polish.
  • A cheap and effective way of learning.
  • Nice and friendly atmosphere.
  • Learning Polish via Skype is an option available to everyone.
  • Individual lessons suitable for your needs and skills.
  • Lessons at a convenient time. You decide when to learn.
  • You can change the time and teachers during a course.
  • You receive additional materials and exercises.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Polish for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.


What do I need to start?

You only need a computer, headphones with a microphone, the Internet access and the free Skype software. Learning Polish via Skype is an incredibly cheap investment which brings benefits at every life stage. Polish via Internet means no need to go out, free materials, constant contact with your teacher and a possibility to learn whenever you want. Polish lessons via Skype are a cheaper alternative to standard ones, because you do not need to commute to schools, materials and contact via Skype is free and the course time is adjusted to your schedule.


Polish lessons via Skype mean no limitations to the scope of learning. We can teach you writing, reading, speaking and listening. The classes are conducted with the use of interesting methods which make it possible to learn vocabulary and grammar in an easy way. Our teachers use different approaches for knowledge sharing. Everything is adjusted to your needs.


For whom?

Learning Polish via Skype is a cheap, modern, convenient and effective way of learning the language with the best teachers – native speakers of the Polish language, with no need to go out, suitable for:

  • students who are going to come to Poland in order to continue their education,
  • people who would like to improve their Polish language skills through learning, conversations and constant contact with the language,
  • adults who are going to come to Poland for economic purposes or in order to live here,
  • everyone who is interested in Poland and would like to learn Polish,
  • those who love the Polish language, are passionate about it and would like to improve their language skills.


How can I start learning Polish online?

  1. In order to learn the language via Skype, you do not need to go out and waste your time.
  2. Choose the form of classes that interests you.
  3. Then send an email to our consultant in order to set the details.
  4. In a reply email you will receive a schedule proposal.
  5. After choosing the time convenient to you, pay for online classes you are interested in.
  6. When you make payment, please send the confirmation to our email.
  7. After receiving such confirmation, our teacher conducting classes will contact you.


Polish online is an important path of the education development. We offer you learning Polish via Skype. Surveys conducted among students show that this way of learning helps to achieve better results compared to the traditional methods. Polish via Skype means individual lessons with a teacher – native speaker – without going abroad. Polish classes via Skype are adjusted individually for each customer. We offer Polish lessons via Skype of the best quality and for the best prices. We advise you on the best solutions and select teachers suitable for your needs.


Polish via Skype is a perfect solution for those who want to learn the language but have limited time during a day and for those who would like to learn with a native speaker but cannot afford to come to Poland. Such method of learning is popular among people who prefer to learn individually, in their own place. Polish lessons via Skype are a perfectly adjusted programme, offering the best quality for such a low price.


If you are interested in learning Polish via Skype, contact us via email or Skype given below.



Before starting a course, inform us which course you are interested in and make a payment.


1 lesson: PLN 100

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Number of lessons per month: 8

Total cost per month: PLN 800

Course duration: 3 months


You may pay via bank transfer to the Polish account:

- Account number (in PLN): 25 1140 2004 0000 3202 4030 1989, BreBank


After you make the payment, send to polski@zespoltlumaczy.pl the following information:

payment amount,

payment date,

name and surname,

phone number.


Zespół Tłumaczy K. LITWIN, J. CZERNIA S.C.
ul. Grunwaldzka 26/4a

35-068, Rzeszów


 Phone/fax: (+48) 17 857 68 08
 Mobile.: (+48) 510 950 047
 e-mail: polski@zespoltlumaczy.pl

Skype: Zespół Tłumaczy Joanna Czernia

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